Online vs. Offline prescriptions and the “Doctors” that write them

I hope by writing this I can save a few people from getting fooled by some of these prescription services out there that are marketing to folks who are challenged with getting a legitimate prescription from a licensed medical practitioner. This is a HIGH risk situation because the FDA does annual audits of hyperbaric manufacturers, distributors, and dealers. One of the main things covered in the audits is that hyperbaric companies are making sure to get legitimate prescriptions from each and every customer they sell a chamber to.

I really don’t understand why people don’t just get a prescription from a doctor…Unless your doctor is a control freak, they will write a prescription for purchase and use of a chamber if you really demand it. After all for most western medical professionals they think that mild hyperbaric therapy is just alternative bologna so since that’s their opinion they are happy to write you a prescription for something they won’t think will even have any physiological effect. 

Granted there are situations that do come up where it really is difficult for someone to get a prescription. For those folks they do have a great second option, find a distributor, clinic, or manufacturer who has a licensed doctor on staff who can talk to the customer and recommend using a chamber if appropriate. This is called Telemedicine and it is practiced all over the world. In fact with all the rising costs in healthcare, Telemedicine is growing faster than ever. If you are reading this right now and are having trouble getting a prescription just give me a call as I know a couple doctors who could probably help out. 

So the latest SCAM out there is are these online prescription writing services that are seeking to make some easy money fooling consumers into believing that the company behind the service has real licensed medical doctors working for themAs to date there are probably a dozen out there and only one of those companies has not had any problems when being audited by the FDA, how those other companies are still in business is a mystery to me. Anyways…always always always…always? Yes Always make sure that you have absolute proof that the “doctor” you are speaking with over the phone has an ACTIVE medical license AND is licensed to practice in the country you live in. So don’t be calling a doctor in Yugoslavia if you live in New Jersey. I know this seems basic, but I hear so many stories about folks getting in trouble and the last people you want to deal with are FDA people. 

Oh and just a matter for my own convenience and protection, if you want to have a conversation about HBOT (hyperbaric therapy) with me and want to even talk about the financial side of getting one you really must have a prescription before talking about the finance side of things. If you just want some education then don't worry about it. Again if you want to be put in touch with someone to order one and get subsidized pricing then make sure you have a prescription first. If you need to speak to a doctor cause you can't get a hold of one just ask me for my contacts.

Note: I agree with prescriptions. Many people get angry that they don't think its necessary. Certain medications can be a problem with hyperbaric treatment. Some people have lung damage and they think a hyperbaric chamber will help them but actually it can do the opposite. Some people have super low blood sugar. There is a reason a doctor won't prescribe it but the online doctor might have no problem writing one out. It's in the best interest for someone who has a health issue to know if a chamber is right for them. Some people have problems that hyperbaric oxygen won't help. Some conditions might require going in a hard chamber that a mild chamber might not be strong enough. Please just make sure you get the right examination. If you don't know someone qualified please call me and I will put you in touch with the right contacts.

Some protocols require more pressure, others longer sessions and for certain conditions they might recommend more frequency of hyperbaric sessions. So, knowing someone who really knows your conditions and has treated others with your same or similar condition helps give a more accurate protocol for treatment.

If you are getting denied for a prescription, then you should not try to get an online prescription.
Full 60/90/120 minute treatments under pressure:
I am learning this from all the clinics that some offer only hour sessions, others are charging more and try to convince the patient that they should spend double and get a 2 hour session. Its funny how in high traffic clinics they only recommend hourly sessions and in places I know about (I won't mention names) but in these low traffic clinics they are the ones that sucker people into 2 hour session when its not needed. Depending on the person, it usually doesn't take an hour to saturate the body with oxygen till it can't hold anymore. The chambers that go to 1.5 ata actually take less time (illegal to sell in the USA but about 90% are buying from Canada and getting the illegal 1.5 ata valves and switching them. (this does require a larger compressor and many people use the standard compressor it comes with which fill the chamber up with carbon dioxide and the oxygen concentrator is worthless as the carbon dioxide cancels out the oxygen.

The session can be cut down if an oxygen concentrator is used (see
You don't want to over oxidize. This also depend on how many sessions a day. Most people do 1 session a day but those in dire situations do two sessions. The saturation of oxygen in the body lasts about 4 hours and some people do it 3 times a day for 1 hour sessions. 60 minutes or 120 minutes, the saturation levels only last 4 hours regardless.

​I know of clinics around the country and many that have bought chambers through my referrals. If you are looking to buy a chamber or rent, if the company doesn't give a free trial to check out the quality of their chamber and to see if you want to keep it, I strongly recommend trying a free session before you buy it. Contact me to find a place in your area so you can compare the chambers like I did. Some people will like the Newtowne Seal chamber and others will like the no bells and whistles E-Series chambers that start in the $3900 dollar range. Contact me here if you want me to try to get you a referral for a free trial session in your area. As an authorized dealer many distributors are obligated to let you try their chamber as part of the dealership agreement. You can also call me if you want my help.
Seeing your Doctor and getting a prescription

Portable Mild Hyperbaric chambers are a class two medical device requiring a prescription.

Some sellers of chambers will have a doctor who writes prescriptions without seeing the patient. They will have a phone consultation. This may sound good and very efficient but!!! Can the doctor over the phone discover if you have any of the FDA listed contradictions (issues in which using the chamber would be dangerous or even life threatening) Imagine you have a brain aneurism and you are unaware of. No headaches dizziness or pain. This can be fatal as the pressure changes in the chamber could cause the aneurism to get worse or even fail.

I even heard of one chamber seller who told the customer that he “took care of the prescription”. No doctor even called her let alone gave her an examination. She didn’t even get a prescription.  

You should care less about the laws being broken and more about you life!

This is like getting a prescription from a salesman trying to get you to buy his stuff. This is a total conflict of interest. Buyer beware of these unethical practices going on. Salesmen and doctors do not mix!

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The Largest Hyperbaric Chamber Review Website on the internet.
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