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All my chambers will be rented to autistic children on sliding scales.

Most kids with autism that I have talked to have a different voltage than kids that do not have autism. The brain when it gets more oxygen has a more adequate voltage than before they go in. The more the voltage goes back to normal the more benefits I hear about. It is not just about the voltage of the cells, mostly their brains.Most autistic kids have an anaerobic metabolism, they are very low voltage and low on oxygen. You cant change by giving them more oxygen without raising their voltage.

I would test every day the voltage of an autistic child and see if they are changing. If after a session if the voltage doesn't change then the problem is usually not anything to do with oxygen and a hyperbaric chamber won't usually help. this is why some parents say the chambers don't help and other parents say its the best thing ever. The parents are just ignorant. But, its not their fought. Having the voltage go up the more their brains can usually function. Most healthy kid are at -30. The goal is to get them back to -20 with the help of using oxygen so their voltage stays higher so they can function better.

the oxygen cannot dissolve if the voltage is low. It work both ways, the cells can't keep their voltage if the body isn't get the voltage in the first place. When the kid goes in the chamber with an already low voltage, I would not even waste my time in the chamber before a few things are taken care of first because oxygen will have a very hard time dissolving into their cells when they go in the chamber with a low voltage to start with.

If they have a high voltage going into the chamber, then the chamber can do its job. Going in with a low voltage is like inflating a tire with a leak in it. Most parent that buy chambers for their autistic kid are so naive and go from one protocol to another. i would say about 80% of the people that don't use the chamber right are the ones that complain they didn't work. The other 20 percent are doing things for their kids along with using the chamber and don't even know their kids voltage or how to test it but they are doing it right.
This is a scaler infused sticker and pendant. I got 24 of these stickers to donate to any kid with autism. I have seen a huge difference when kids wear these that I have given them to. I have about 50 youtube videos that I did with this sticker too. They are free of charge thanks to one of my customers. Call me if you want an infused sticker. These have helped restore voltage in most of the people that I have tested. One per person.
​Hateful letter sent to a family of an autistic boy.... slipped under her front door.

Since my site has been up, of all the people who have bough chambers, nearly half were to parents who have autistic kids. About 9 in 10 chambers sold to these parents were used chambers. Many parents with kids that are 5 to 6 years old, this is usually the age of the kids by the time the parents decide to buy a chamber for them. There is no way most parents can afford a new chamber at this time. I reserve chambers for those who have a prescription for a chamber who have Autism first before any other need looking for a chamber unless someone is in a dire situation.

I know what it is like having autism. I also know what it is like to ride the short bus and go in a school where I have to wait for the teacher to escort me to my next class because of the problems that happen in the halls when there is no staff. I hear stories from parents and I will not turn down any parent who can't afford a chamber for they kid. I will subsidize the prices of the used chambers I get although I can only discount so much off a new one.

Putting a Biomat is also nice to have. I have heard many parents saying how these also benefited when their kid laid down in the chamber with one of these mats under them. There are some newer mat companies that I have just researched and will be putting my reviews of them up.

Note: most parents that don't get results from the hyperbaric chamber almost always don't use an oxygen concentrator with their chamber. Also, some kids are chemically sensitive and a used chamber that has been out a while doesn't have the new scent of a new one. Kinda like how the new car smell goes away after a while. When I get a new car, I always ionize the entire car to get rid of the formaldehyde smell.

If a kid needs a hyperbaric chamber, I will do my best to make it affordable and do whatever I can to offset the costs of a new one.
N​ote: if you are buying a chamber for an autistic kid, please be respectful of the smell of the chamber. If your kid has chemical sensitivity issues, please make sure you get a chamber that has been already off-gassed. Many people buy the "new car scent" for their cars and others (me), it makes me nauseous. It takes about 2 weeks for some brands and up to 3 months for other brands to off gas. Please be respectful of this. Most kids don't know to tell you about this smell. See my air quality page where I go more into this.

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