For several years, I have been testing and comparing hyperbaric chambers independently to find the best ones that will hold up and maintain their pressures, (accurate pressure) required to rebuild and grow the body's aerobic bacteria so the body can become oxygenated and stay that way with this dormant bacteria that will line the body as it would be in nature.

I made this site for myself. I did not make this site to market or try to steer people to a chamber like a fake review site to try to push a brand to see how much money I can make.
I only trust those dealers who have done research like me and who know the facts about each chamber and not sales people. I swear that almost every customer that calls me who has talked to a dealer gives me a different name every time. (I now make it mandatory that I will not refer anyone to any dealer unless they have been researching chambers for at least 5 years and have somewhat of a background in alternative health). Many people are buying from kids just getting out of college with a marketing degree or some business degree that make them good at sales. Screw that. Do you really think they will be there for you after the sale? I don't need a salesperson just reiterating what they read on the specs on some sheet or when you ask them a question they are looking at the computer and just reading off what they see. Again, I will not work with these types of people.

The issues with cheap chambers is that don't seem to be as regulated in the long run but only at first when they are new. As a matter of fact, almost all the chambers work great when they are just bought. If someone is looking to use the chamber residentially and not going to wear it out in a clinical setting, a residential grade chamber can work.

I have done comprehensive field tests and reviews of the best chambers as well as the cheapest ones. I urge people to get clear, informative, concise explanations on what makes a chamber very expensive and what makes one a cheaper residential chamber. If you only need a chamber for temporary usage, then sometimes a cheaper chamber is a better option because you only are going to keep it for a few months until the problem gets better. If you only need the chamber to quickly grow the aerobic bacteria in your gut to last you a lifetime, it might be better to rent a chamber or get a used one that you can sell back when you are done.

The problem that makes these chambers get more expensive is that when people want to sell a chamber they have to ship it back to the store and then that store has to ship it back to you. I always have a list of people who want to sell their chamber directly. What many of the dealers do that I have talked to actually don't stock all of the used chambers they advertise. What they do is advertise it, and if someone wants it they have the customer who bought from them ship it directly to the customer. Know that some warranties are not transferrable so know if the dealer will service it if there is a problem.

The comprehensive field tests and comparative reviews of the best in chambers will help guide you. Get informative, clear, concise explanations of what separates the pressure-worthy? chambers from the rest. I accept no manufacturers advertising to prevent being biased and subjective. Play no favorites and pull no punches. Read at length the good, the bad, and the so-so about each model so you can pick the model that best fit your needs and your budget.

Residential chamber seem to give less maintenance problems than the budget chambers for people that use them for chronic conditions. I personally think it is a waste of money for someone to be talked into a residential chamber when it is simply overkill when the condition being treated is something that can be fixed in less than 6 months. If using the chamber for health management and overall general wellness, a residential chamber might be what you need.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you ever want to upgrade, some chambers have better resale value than others. Usually the companies that have been around the longest and are usually found in the health expos and alternative wellness conventions are the ones that have this resale value. The budget chambers are so hard to sell once they are used that it is almost impossible to get over half of what you paid. These are usually found on Craigslist and often are refurbished or have something fishy about them. I hear more complaints about chambers that people bought on Craigslist than any other place. Just a heads up if you are buying a used one.

If you are going to buy a residential chamber that is not brand new I usually get the first emails when one is available from distributors whom I trust that are also authorized dealers that are on good terms with the manufacturers.

In terms of the motor of the Summit to sea chamber, I tested their motor at 38 decibels. Just so you know, 40 decibels is like a quiet conversation while 70 is factory noise where you have to yell over people. There have been chambers I have found that were as high as 65 decibels. Usually these were the commercial ones. I went and contacted the companies that make the motors for most of the chamber companies because I couldn't get the full story from dealers and companies. The two main sites I found were hp-80 60 Hz is the motor summit to sea uses. The other company was

They both use the oil-less motors that I refer to on the site.

I finally found out why their chambers were so quiet. The size 80 motors they use are quiet on their own. The reason for using two motors in serial is to take strain off the motor but this has to due with greater efficiency, less heat and noise with 2 motors in serial than a 120 or even 200 motor. The numbers are the size of the motor. The bigger the motor the more heat in the longer use of it in a session in the chamber (When a chamber is closing in on 4psi there is more back pressure on the motor, slowing a 120 or 200 motor and producing more heat than two 80s in serial). The cheapest residential one, the shallow dive, uses just one 80, the Dive uses 2 80s (in parallel - 160 lpm), and the Grand dive 2 80s in serial, and Grand dive vertical uses two 80s in parallel. The way it was in terms of motors was the Dive and Grand Dive used to use 120s and 200s but 2 80s in serial can build higher pressure at the same if not greater rate than a 200 with less heat. The 120s and 200s would try to compensate for greater size of chamber to make all chambers pressurize close to the same rate. 2 80s in serial helps achieve this with less heat and noise than say a 120 or 200. Summed up, 2 80s in serial or in parallel will be less noisy and make less heat than a 120 or 200 motor that were used in the older models.
‚ÄčThis is the noise dampener that I refer to on this site. Most people buy it as it cools the air when it goes through between the hoses. This hooks up to the air compressor and the middle part breaks up the friction of the air in the hose so the noise dissipates. The break in the hose dampens the noise so much that without this special hose, the sound is whisper quiet inside the chamber. I can actually talk on the phone now by having this dampener. I don't care what chamber I am using, I always bring my dampener. It fits on any chamber.

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The Largest Hyperbaric Chamber Review Website on the internet.
Ask for Sharon. 1-877-326-5964