Bolsters or (inner tubes) are what go down side of chamber to prevent the chamber from rolling, unless I have have it in the middle of two couches or a wall and a big chair or something. Many people have to do this if the bolsters don't come apart in 1 piece footings. Or, if the bolsters are inflatable and deflatable they can be portable also.

Air VS Foam
Foam: Less portable unless they are cut into 1 foot pieces. 
Air: Very portable, can be deflated and takes up less space when deflated.
Some chambers come with 10 foot bolsters  that will fit into a carrying case and other are several feet long and cannot be taken apart and are not portable. it The advantage to the bolsters that do not come in one-foot pieces are just one piece and easy to attach. These bolsters are a little more time consuming unless you don't plan on traveling with it.

Both the air and foam bolsters serve the same function and air or foam is not better than the other. It is simply portability.

Having air bolsters is usually quicker to set up than attaching 10 small 1 foot pieces together. The most non-portable way is to have a long bolster that doesn't come apart into pieces.

On some of the hyperbaric chambers, the bolsters run half the length and on some, especially the air bladder bolsters, run the entire length of the chamber. If someone is moving a lot in the chamber it is usually better to have full length bolsters so the chamber won't teeter.

If anyone is willing to let kid with autism whose parents cannot afford a chamber use the chamber, I will make an equal energy exchange. It's my duty to make sure that the kids that need to use a chamber get to have sessions. It really makes me angry when a parent cannot afford a chamber or even rent one. I know several places that will let those kids with prescriptions come in an use the chamber for free. I am trying to make this happen in every state. Not just the big cities. I want to thank the chiropractors and clinics that are letting me bring in chambers to make this happen.

​Questions to ask about bolsters:
What are the common types of bolsters? (Foam or rubber inflatable) If chemical sensitive one will be preferred over the other.
Are some better for portability? The inflatable ones are easier to transport but they always have to be blown up with air as they leak more. The foam is the easiest to maintain.

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The Largest Hyperbaric Chamber Review Website on the internet.
Ask for Sharon. 1-877-326-5964