If you use this contact form and you're looking for hyperbaric chambers to buy
through the site, stop here. I do not sell hyperbaric chambers! But if you are
considering brands and don't know if they match your needs, then please take my
Hyperbaric Chamber Quiz as your first email to the site. I never recommend a chamber
beyond your needs. I am only here to help you if you want my opinion or facts on what I
learned. It all depends on how you answer the quiz. People want different things and
I'm not here to bait and switch you since I don't sell hyperbaric chambers anyway.

I would appreciate comments about my site, positive or negative. If there's something on the site that you've critiqued, or want me to hear what you have to say, I'll read what you email me. This site was intended to serve the community of hyperbaric consumers trying to decide which chamber suits them best. I hope to keep this site up as long as possible so that we can continue to help people make the best decisions for their particular circumstances.

Contact me for comments, questions or testimonials. If you have content that you would like to contribute, please email me and I will take a look at it before posting it as a part of the site. If you need pricing on renting or buying a new and used hyperbaric chamber contact me.
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