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I will see to it that no one gets
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NEW Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Consumer Guide
I was so sick of hyperbaric companies all saying that they have the best hyperbaric chamber or trash talking other brands that they don't sell. If it was just one company doing this I would let it go, but there are so many people needing chambers and many of the companies are just being salesmen and not giving advice like I think they should. I want a real site with facts on hyperbaric chambers that is not from a sales motive.
THIS WEBSITE IS FOR CUSTOMERS LIKE ME! I would've saved a lot of time if I had a guide like this. My readers are asking tougher questions now after reading this site. It is very hard for a new customer to see though the hype when each manufacturer has a counter sales pitch for the competitor company.

I have put this site up as an information tool to help anyone who is trying to pick out a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and which one is appropriate for them as they all are slightly different. Many of my customers who have bought the different brands are submitting things to me that I did not come across on my own. I am asking more questions and this site will keep going as long as I can pay to keep it up on Google.
Dive Chamber
Vertical Dive Chamber
Grand Dive Chamber
Shallow Dive Chamber
Military Dive Chamber
This is the 33 inch hyperbaric chamber from This is  nearly identical to the Military Dive but with more windows and bells and whistles. This is one of our most popular mid size chambers. 
Go to my Dive chamber review
1-877-326-5964. Ask for Sharon. has chambers for those that want to go in with a wheel chair or needs 5 feet of area to work out in. For claustrophobic people this seems to make it easier. This is the roomiest of hyperbaric chambers. Ask about subsidized pricing.
Go to my Dive chamber review
1-877-326-5964. Ask for Sharon.
The Grand Dive has 3 release valves. The others only have 2 release valves. This has a double vent so it can handle pressures up to 4.4 psi. The straps are mostly designed for overseas legal pressures over 1.3 ATA. Can fit 3 people.
Go to my Dive chamber review
1-877-326-5964. Ask for Sharon.
The Shallow Dive hyperbaric chamber from is 26 inches. It is very small. This is very similar to the Series-E 24 inch chamber. This chamber is not a good deal when the Series E costs $3995 and costs almost $2,000 more just for a few bells and whistles.
Go to my Dive chamber review.
1-877-326-5964. Ask for Sharon. reserves the Military Dive hyperbaric chamber only for those with military IDs. You must have a military ID to buy this. This is probably the best value for those that are able to use this chamber.
Go to my Dive chamber review.
1-877-326-5964. Ask for Sharon.
The Oxyhealth Vitaeris is the most popular soft shell chamber that goes to 1.3 ATA on the market.
It has non-oiled zippers and also is 100% beltless/strapless.
The Vitaeris 320 Chamber is what sets the bar for all hyperbaric chambers.
Go to my OxyHealth Review
The Oxyhealth Solace 210 hyperbaric chamber is the most commercial grade chamber and the smallest at 21 inches in diameter. It costs more than some of the 40 inch chambers from other brands but if you want commercial quality, this is the cheapest way to go

Go to my OxyHealth Review
The Oxyhealth Respiro 270 hyperbaric chamber is an oilless strapless chamber and is 27 inches. You never have to oil the zippers. The Respiro 270 chamber is the next size down from the Vitaeris 320. This gives more room to move around than the Solace 210 model.
Go to my OxyHealth Review
OxyHealth Quamvis
OxyHealth Vitaeris 320
OxyHealth Solace 210
OxyHealth Respiro 270
This is the most expensive soft shell hyperbaric chamber from Oxyhealth. This Quamvis 320 is the only model of theirs that has the straps.
The Quamvis 320 hyperbaric chamber is pressure tested to go beyond 30 Psi.This is the best soft shell hyperbaric chamber with straps.
Go to my OxyHealth Review

Ask for Sharon. 1-877-326-5964
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Ask for Jayden 1-877-326-5964
We are open now.
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The Newtowne Seal S-24 hyperbaric chamber is 24 inches. It's big enough for one person to lay down in it comfortably. This just came out so it is still too new to do a full review. So far I am only hearing good things about this. The zipper is different than the older series and now beltless. Go to Newtowne Page
The Newtown Seal model hyperbaric chamber is 38 inches and is huge. I can actually do a workout in this chamber. This is so big it will fit 2 adults in it. There are no straps and the zipper is a newer type than their older models. Again, this is too new to give a full review on as it just came out on the market. Go to my Newtowne Page
NewTowne Class 4 SERIES
NewTowne Class 7 SERIES
Newtowne Seal S-24 Chamber
Newtowne Seal S-38 Chamber
Newtowne Seal S-31 Chamber
NewTowne is the latest newcomer on the hyperbaric oxygen chamber market. So far, I have only heard good things with no complaints. These are cheaper for their size and the hyperbaric chamber also has 9 buckles which makes it super strong.
Go to my Newtowne Page
Newtowne, the latest newcomer on the market. These are the lowest priced HBOT chambers I have reviewed. Time will tell if their chambers hold up. I will give my full review once they are on the market longer.
Go to my Newtowne Page
This new 31 inch Newtown Seal chamber is big enough to fit an adult and a small child in. You can still fit two adults but it will be tighter than their S-38 inch model. There are no belts or buckles on this model. You do not have to oil the zipper on the chamber either. This is still too new to do a full review. Go to my Newtowne Page

Ask for Sharon. 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Jayden 1-877-326-5964
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We have 4 Demo models we can sell for $695 with any chamber. We have these from an Ewot demo we made. I also urge those that are getting a hyperbaric chamber to get an Ewot bag and and Ewot mask.

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